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     Initial experience with Feltham Cleaning Compny left me thrilled and extremely pleased with the professionalism and quality of service.
Adam K.01/12/2023
     Wonderful service - arrived on schedule and did an outstanding job on the carpets.
Guy Warren03/11/2023
     From beginning till completion it was nothing but a marvelous journey for us! The cleaners worked professionally and efficiently so that they could accommodate our time constraints and provide an intensive end-of tenure deep cleaning task successfully! Literally every corner sparkled like never before after their job had been completed! Wonderful customer sentiment coupled with outstanding results indeed!
Emily U.02/08/2023
     I got a clean carpet at a great price from FelthamCarpetCleaners. It was a perfect service.
Dianne G19/05/2020
     After our wedding, we hosted some family from out of town. The problem was, we didn't have time to clean! We needed a good home cleaning company! Feltham Carpet Cleaners got the job done in record time, and we couldn't be happier with the results.
Kasie Norwood20/09/2019
      Feltham Cleaning Compny were a very professional company to deal with. I've used their cleaners a couple of times now. They always impress, have never let me down.
D. Dawson27/04/2018
     Home cleaning requires a lot of effort and time and I don't want to spend my free time cleaning the house. That is why I use the services of FelthamCarpetCleaners. They deliver remarkable results at low cost!
     Excellent service! Excellent prices! Excellent customer care! Excellent advice and options! I really can't say much more about Rug Cleaning Feltham. Use them; I don't think anyone could be disappointed with these professional cleaners! All of my friends love these services too; I haven't heard a bad word yet!
Nina Malies 15/03/2016
     I had never been able to keep my home clean and so I decided that a professional cleaning firm might be the solution. I'd never take too much time to do the work so I thought that if I had professionals tackling things, then could have a tidy abode. This was exactly what I got when I hired the help of FelthamCarpetCleaners. Their expert cleaners were able to tackle every aspect of the chore for me and make my house clean, tidy and sanitary like it never has been before.
B. Farrow18/12/2014
     I was so busy that I struggled to really give my house a good clean, so I hired a professional home cleaning service. FelthamCarpetCleaners were brilliant. The office arranged for a consultant to call and give me a quote and go over what type of service I required. I was extremely happy with how the company worked. The cleaners arrive on time with plenty of tools and cleaning products. They really covered a lot of work until the place gleamed. I am happy with the results and the cost. Great job and thanks.
Helen D.24/11/2014
     I like FelthamCarpetCleaners's cleaners and think they are very good at their job. The cleaning they do is always of a high quality and they are on time, work very hard and are friendly to me. I have had cleaners before who don't do a lot to help and this company are different. They are the best I have worked with and the cost is also not expensive. I think other people should use them for their home cleaning like I do because the service they give is very good. They are a company I would like to recommend.
     A very agreeable cleaning service! FelthamCarpetCleaners stand out a lot for me because everyone in their company seems to have the same high standards of service, manner, and attitude. From the first representative I spoke to on the phone to the cleaning lady that turned up to help me with the chores in my bungalow I thought they were fantastic! So friendly, easy to get along with and really good prices. I thanked my daughter-in-law for the suggestion and after some persuasion I finally decided to give them a go. A great team of people all round!
Edna Y.23/10/2014
     We need our rug cleaning done every couple of months as rugs tend to take the brunt of the wear and tear and dirt and stains that get ground in to them by outside shoes and occasional food and drink spills. We decided to contact FelthamCarpetCleaners as they had a solid reputation and they gave us a great price on cleaning our rugs. We could not have been happier with the service and we will definitely be using them again!
Peter Willis09/10/2014
     Getting the right cleaning in my home is essential and there is only one company I will trust. After moving to the area, I must have gone through so many different companies that I really can't remember half of them. Thankfully, I only need to remember FelthamCarpetCleaners and ever since I found them I have not had to think about anyone else. Their help has been instrumental in terms of getting my home as clean as I'd like it and I can definitely suggest them when it comes to getting your home cleaned. Better than any other I tried.
Sandra Washington04/06/2014
     FelthamCarpetCleaners have done a coupe of great jobs for me recently. I rent out a couple of properties, and found them to be the perfect company for ensuring that the place is cleaned effectively between tenants. A combination of great service and great price means that they are excellent value for money, and with times being as tight as they are at the moment, I am really pleased to have found them! Highly recommended, top marks and all that, I would give them a call right away if I were you!
E. Patterson05/03/2014
     I thought that hiring a house cleaner was going to really drain my bank account. We're always trying to watch our budget, but since both my wife and I work full-time, the household cleaning was just piling up. I gave FelthamCarpetCleaners a call and they work wonders on our home every couple of weeks. There's nothing our cleaner won't do, and the house is now always gleaming and ready for guests. Lots of our friends wonder how we manage it and I'm all too happy to tell them about such a fantastically affordable and thorough cleaning service!
Brian Oldham17/12/2013